Dragon Fruit Events is Tanja and Petra. This dynamic duo met while in leading positions in the Shenzhen Asian Culture Society (SACS), where they created, organized and marketed event programs such as dining experiences, business lectures, cultural evenings, art exhibitions and social gatherings. They found each set of talents complementary, making for an amazingly fruitful partnership.

Each has expertise in different aspects of the hospitality industry, making them the perfect liaison between corporate clients and event staff. Now this dream team is available for your corporate event planning needs in Shenzhen and Hong Kong as well as other Asian cities.

Tanja Millner
Managing Director
Tanja sees the big picture. With firsthand experience managing the very best of corporate meetings in Europe and Asia, she makes sure everything falls into place for clients of Dragon Fruit Events. Full bio

Petra Klingler
Creative Director
Well before her role as creative director, Petra’s love of the arts would seep into local social gatherings. Petra’s passion is to bring her celebratory artistic spirit to life, one impeccably designed event at a time. Full bio

4th Annual Captivating International Auction

The 4th Annual Captivating International Charity Auction was celebrated in one of the largest ballrooms in Shenzhen on 13 October 2012. Dragon Fruit Events...

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